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Real Florists with Real Flowers

Real Florists with Real Flowers

Real Florists with Real Flowers

Spot a Real Florist from a Fake

Purchasing flowers over the internet can be fraught with dangers, but don't fret, there's a sure fire way to make sure you get the best value from a real local florist, when you order flowers for your loved ones.

By going direct to a real florist you get the best value, skip the middlemen taking undisclosed commissions and deal direct with a florist local to your delivery area.

This will mean you avoid getting stuck with a dud purchase from fake online florist, that doesn't hold a single flower in stock! 

But first - Spot the fake

See if you can guess from the google search result who is the fake florist;

 Google results for florist korumburra search - real florist or not?

Did you guess correctly? Because A, B, D & E are all fake florists. None of these website operators have a real shop, none of them even have any flowers!

If you order a bunch of flowers for $100, typically $30+ will be taken as a hidden and undisclosed commission, with maybe $60 of actual flower value and $10 as delivery. Even worse is the flower arrangement you think you pay for may not even look close to the photo you chose!

So how can you avoid getting stung...order from a real florist!!

Follows these 3 easy steps for your path to floral nirvana!

Look for a real address, genuine reviews & checkout google maps

Step One - A real address

Any real florist will always have their address prominent on their page, usually under 'about us' or 'contact us', because they are proud to be servicing their local community and they want you to find them.

A fake florist won't give you an address, only a phone/email.

Here's an example;

Sarahs "florist" Wonthaggi - not really

Classic fake florist. No flowers and no shop along with deceptive use of the Wonthaggi based domain name.

Here's another, this time Leongatha.

Fake Florist


Step Two - Real Reviews

Here's what fake reviews look like;

Readyflowers fake reviews - now known as zflowers

How do you know they are fake, well first of all, they are readyflowers reviews and they have a terrible reputation, as can be seen in the following news articles here, and here and here and we could go on and on. But notice a pattern above, all five star, all placed at the same time by first time users and all have '??' at the end. Likely done automatically or outsourced.

Here's what real reviews look like, keep in mind google takes their review policy very seriously and will remove reviews that contravene that policy, making their reviews much more reliable than other websites.

Korumburra Florist Real Google Reviews


Step Three - Google Maps Verification

Verify the shop is real from Google Maps search, this shows real shops with real florists, real flowers and real value.

 Korumburra Florist Google Maps Search Result - RealFlorist


So there you have it, follow those three easy steps and be comfortable you will get exactly what you have ordered, support real local businesses and avoid pitfalls of dealing with large corporate "florists" that don't even own a single rose!

Remember kids, you can't fake the funk!